Friday 6 June 2014

World Cup 2014 Advertisement Wonders

Less than a week until the World Cup 2014 in Brazil kicks off on 12th June! Once every four years, the World Cup attracts millions of viewers to watch the countries of the world competing to win what is arguably the greatest sports competition in the world.

This is certainly an obvious opportunity for brands to make their presence known to these passionate viewers, by advertising with a World Cup theme to create an affinity through the passion for football.

Brands have already been embracing the opportunity of the World Cup, 2014… we have selected some of our favourites below;

One of the first to come to our screens this year was Nike with their ‘Winner Stays’ ad. It begins as an innocent kick-about in the park which transforms into a football stadium featuring  Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Neymar, and also a brief shot of Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk. Nike have done a great job at showing themselves off as an elite sports brand and have acquired world class brand abassadors.

McDonald’s are official sponsors of the World Cup and have produced an advert with five people freestyling on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, showing off their excellent footballs skills- including a girl in heels and an elderly man. A particular note has been given to the ten year old Irish boy, Ciaran Duffy who featured in the ad and has been referred to an Irish Messi! 

Following the announcement last week that Apple were buying over Beats Electronics, this ad for Beats headphones shows the new relationship of the products in a very intense advert ‘The Game Before The Game’.

Curry’s and PC World have produced a very amusing ad, ‘What football?’, to show how easily you can come up with an excuse for a new television- but not for any particular selfish reason… *cough* football!

World Cup fever has already started in reflexblue and we are excited to see what other World Cup ads come up... Let us know your favourites!

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