Thursday 12 June 2014

reflexblue hits the cinema

reflexblue are the proud sponsor of the feature film, ‘Through The Lens,’ a near future action thriller. The highly ambitious feature film was produced on a micro-budget which has gone onto secure US distribution!

'Through The Lens' is the first feature film written and directed by Oscar Forshaw-Swift, a talented young writer/director based in Cambridge. It was filmed on location in Cambridge and London with a local cast and crew who consisted of a large number of industry professionals, technicians, University students and volunteers. Twenty individual locations were used for the film with over 150 people involved in the project.

Post production was completed in January 2014 and in May the film was picked up by the Los Angeles distribution company Continuum Motion Pictures. Continuum Motion Pictures will be distributing the film via video on demand and pay-per-view platforms looking to release the film this winter in the US.

reflexblue were thrilled to sponsor the film and we congratulate all those involved in the production on their impressive achievement, the film is a huge success. Oscar has already started the production of his next feature film and we have no doubt him and his team will produce another this space!

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