Monday 13 January 2014

Why blue was the right choice!

What a coincidence, we could have told you years ago that blue was the right choice for your logo...and according to DesignMantic we're not the only ones who think it! 

Returning again to the concept of colour which has a major influence on how an individual feels about something along with their emotions and reactions, the use of colour is a crucial consideration and decision to be made by marketers.

The article makes some notable points about the use of blue and how it represents trustworthiness, strength and dependability (glad they confirm we made the right decision). One interesting point highlighted is why do brides receive ‘something blue’ as good luck on their wedding day? No one knows, but this suggests that it must be a lucky colour as why would blue be chosen out of all the colours.

The use of blue is considered important in Social Media as due to people posting personal information and sharing it with others, it is imperative that the networks build trust with their users to allow for confidence when sharing updates. 

Have a read of the full article here.

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