Thursday 30 January 2014

NFL Super Bowl Adverts

With the famous NFL Super Bowl taking place on Sunday, we have been looking at the adverts that they have got lined up for us this weekend.

With the popularity and global audience that the Super Bowl receives, it is primed for brand marketers to create evoking, impressive and humorous adverts to grip the attention of the viewers as they are no longer just viewed as fillers between plays.

Last year’s adverts definitely did not fail to impress. Brands like Coca Cola, Oreo,, Budweiser and the well known car companies all took air time throughout last year's game with fun, original and impacting adverts that definitely evoked viewers emotions!

Coca Cola won the hearts and minds of last years viewers coming number one rated with their 'Lets look at the world differently' advert: 

Another one we loved was Budweiser's Brotherhood:

Going by lasts year's mix of adverts that really stepped out of the box with creativity, it will be no surprise that this year is expected to be just as good!

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