Wednesday 4 December 2013

Showcase with LinkedIn...

The Social Media world is constantly changing and updating. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all competing for usage, it’s imperative for them to keep up to speed with the evolving digital world. 

The most recent update comes from LinkedIn concerning a company’s page. Before, a company was able to simply create a company page with all information about your company, updates and different services or products within this. Now, you can create extensions of your company page through LinkedIn's 'Showcase Pages' which could be for specific brands, services, business units etc. 

Creating the new, dedicated pages allows you to connect with a more targeted audience as now users can follow pages that they are specifically interested in. Through sharing company updates, as you would with your original company page, you are able to connect with, and build relationships with your more targeted audience. 

The Herald & Times group have successfully implemented this with their 'The Herald Scottish Business Club' showcase page. Check it out for an idea of what it will look like. 

Being just one of the ways you can effectively market your company on LinkedIn, there are many more to be utilised. 

For more information, have a look here.

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