Monday 1 July 2013

Glasvegas Gig, 21st celebrations & a nice new car for Danny...

A great night was enjoyed by all on Saturday night. After a "civilised" meal in Lucky 7 we were all raring to go to the Glasvegas gig at the O2 Abc.

To celebrate Becky's upcoming 21st Birthday we started in Lucky 7s for a lovely meal and of course a little bit of alcohol was consumed.

We then made our way along to the O2 Abc where we joined a lively crowd for the Glasvegas gig.

Our walk to the gig was delayed though as Danny was insisting he showed us his favourite new car. Suits him don't you think?

Brian and Ricki having a great time singing along!

Finishing the night in Buff club and back to Lucky 7s, like any other reflexblue night, out everyone had a fantastic night but we think some are still suffering at work today.

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