Friday 19 October 2012

Go Viral with reflexblue!

Last time you heard from us we highlighted the importance of why your business should take advantage of Social Media and online activity...Remember this video?

Social Media and Online activity every minute of the day 2012.


Having your business on YouTube is a brilliant and innovative way of directing traffic to your site, gaining new clients with an interactive and virtual way of networking and communicating. Here at reflexblue we experience the benefits first hand as we acquired a significant number of new business when we sent our last video through an email campaign.

So we’re offering you, for one day only, the chance to come to our green screen studio. We will film you at a discounted price of £500. All you need to do is provide a one and a half minute script and up to 10 relevant slides of whatever your video is about. Then all you do is stand in front of the camera, read your script from the autocue and we provide the virtual studio of your choice along with showing your chosen slides. We’ll film you for two hours and then edit the footage together to make a 1 minute and 30 second video for you.

We only have four places available on the 26th of October and this is a one time only opportunity at £500. If you want to be reminded as to why you should have an online video on your website then click here or if you want to book a spot or just find out more information give us a call on 0141 242 0007 or email us at

Video is the future of online marketing so grab this opportunity with us and don’t get left behind!

Give our Digital team a phone on 0141 242 0007

Also, visit our website to find out more about what we offer.

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