Friday 5 March 2010

Glasgow's Serial dishwasher offenders

It seems to me that Craig's comments regarding my sleep running activities stem from a couple of unsavory events which occurred in the office this week. Craig and his colleague Brian Wishart fell foul of the strict rules pertaining to our lunchtime game of cards.

The daily loser (which is usually Craig or Brian) has to wash everyone's dirty dishes by 3pm at the very latest. The punishment for offenders is a deduction of 5 points from an individualís running total towards a quarterly prize which I think is fair considering the severity of the crime. Rules are in place for very good reasons and we operate a democratic system of setting them but there are always some people who think they are above the law and want to hit out at innocent committee members. Yes I accept it does leave Wishy with -3 points but as top criminals say if you can't do the time don't do the crime (or something like that). With a bit of give and take from both sides we are hoping to put this unpleasant episode behind us, no one is bigger than the committee!

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