Thursday 18 February 2010

reflexblue Lent Challenge 2010

Following on from the great success of last year’s Lent challenge we decided to repeat the new annual tradition this year.

Last year there were several discrepancies within reflexblue as some may remember, both Brians gave up biscuits however were caught in a supposed private meeting, munching oatcakes ( we believe 3 packets each) in the boardroom after hours – Not acceptable hence the punishment of office dishwashing for the following 4 days – was supposed to be 4 weeks!. This years the rules are stricter anyone considering delving into a grey area must put it to the group before it is consumed – failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

Who’s Giving up what??

This year the participants and items of choice are

Colin, Brian N & Brian W – All giving up ‘nicies’ this includes, Biscuits – plain and Chocolate, chocolate bars, cakes and other sweet delights

Allie – Tea & coffee – Walk in the Park for our newly engaged Mrs Docherty to be with a wedding in the future who has time for kettle boiling!

Gillian – Giving up bread (quite possibly the toughest in my opinion) inclusive of pitta, bagels, muffins wraps and according to the unanimous vote and much to my dismay pizza! – Since when has pizza been bread? Do you put pizza in the toaster or spread with jam?? I don’t think so but hey I’m not going to be this year’s loser for a slice of pizza!

Craig & Scott – Crisps and Chocolate – Having not had any already this year Craig is favourite to win behind Gill however Scott may struggle without his daily walkers fix not to mention Walkers profit margins!

Ricki Neil – Coffee & Fizzy juice – Will be tough to avoid the orange fizz for Ricki

This challenge requires honesty of all participants, if you frequent with any of the team members over the Lent period and see that they have cheated in any way at all please be quick to inform who will deal with them accordingly– If you have picture evidence this will of course increase our case in getting the cheater out the competition

And anyone that cheats??? Well they will of course have the marigolds on before they can say ‘ I wish I hadn’t……’

Good luck everyone

Gill the Lent Master

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