Wednesday 9 April 2014

Digital Technology in the Property Market

In recent years, with the progress in digital technology, new and innovative methods of audience communication have become available to businesses.

Digital methods are more measurable and can give marketers feedback on how people interact with their sites, which is extremely valuable for effective future planning.

Rather than using aggressive and obvious marketing methods such as direct mail, where consumers who are becoming savvier and irritated by pushy marketing, why not use a more passive marketing approach that allows the consumer to explore your company themselves?

We are using digital technology in the property market to connect with the public on a more interactive level. We have used a touch screen kiosk located within a ten minute drive from a number of property developments, which has proved very effective as it allows potential customers to explore each development in detail in a passive way without any sales pressure.

The experiment has proved to be very successful; not only have we been able to identify customers who have come on site after using the touch screen but an added benefit has been the technology’s ability to track each person’s journey through the various pages within the touch screen interface providing us with valuable marketing data which can be used on future developments.

Touch screen

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