Monday 7 April 2014

Cadbury the Brand

Being a type of chocolate, you may ask what Cadbury’s various campaigns, in particular their TV Ads, have to do with their product. However, the importance here lies with Cadbury as a brand, not as a type of chocolate.

If you compare Cadbury to Galaxy, you are most likely to perceive them totally differently thanks to the brand that they have created for themselves. Galaxy would be perceived as very luxurious chocolate, allowing the person to indulge in pleasure for those few bites. Cadbury, on the other hand, is viewed as fun, joyful and almost out of the ordinary chocolate that cheers you up.

How have Cadbury succeeded in creating this personality to the brand then? Well, a number of reasons could explain this. First of all, the use of the iconic Cadbury purple is obvious throughout all of their TV ads making them immediately identifiable for the viewer. This is very important to make the brand image coherent and also to allow the viewers to associate the ‘random’ TV adverts with Cadbury.

Another important thing to mention is that it is rare for people to remember TV adverts, but it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t remember one of the Cadbury Ads. For example, The Glass and a Half Full productions which launched the legendary Gorilla playing the drums along to the well-known “In the Air Tonight" and the bizarre eyebrow dance, both conveying ridiculousness and joy. Cadbury are very creative with their TV Ads resulting in a quirky, out of the ordinary Ad that viewers definitely remember. Maybe it’s because we can’t resist singing along or joining in with the catchy dance moves!

Through the use of catchy and recognised music, bizarre concepts of joy and fun and iconic purple, Cadbury have really achieved in creating a unique brand image and personality. When buying the branded chocolate bar you expect to get a burst of joy and happiness when you eat it, reflected and created in the brand with its cheerfulness, quirkiness and randomness all leading to an unforgettable Cadbury.

The most recent advert is the start of the 'Moments of Joy' campaign, which features a man come to life after reaching for a Cadbury treat at work, making him dance exuberantly around the airport in his iconic purple shoes. £7.5 million was spent on this campaign to launch the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz and Lu products. 

What has been your favorite TV Ad of theirs so far? 

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