Thursday 20 February 2014

reflexblue Create Women's Fund for Scotland Brand Identity

Recently reflexblue have worked closely with the Women’s Fund for Scotland in the creative development of their brand identity. 

The Women’s Fund for Scotland was launched in 2002 and is dedicated to improving lives of women and girls throughout Scotland.

In November, they were re-branded and re-positioned, and have since shown great advancements in their work and opportunities. They have secured sufficient funding to award between 58 and 175 grants in 2014, as well as having recently had the core costs of the Fund covered to secure a more sustainable development for themselves and have gained additional volunteers.

This Fund is a well-loved brand, supported by volunteers and by generous donors who back the development, self-sufficiency and economic and social equality of Scotland’s women.

Find out more about the Women’s Fund for Scotland on their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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