Friday 31 May 2013

The C4 'Human Swarm'

Who watched the ‘Human Swarm’ last night on C4? Basically, it's common to think we all act and respond differently to changes but that's not the case and patterns show that we actually react in similar ways.

According to this documentary on C4 the temperature is what has the biggest impact on what we buy. For example when its colder sales in porridge soar but when it's hot sales in burgers and DIY products rise! This is what makes it crucial for businesses to be able to predict and adapt their offerings to suit what the consumer will demand. It’s crazy how using various data from social media, buying online and visiting the supermarket, scientists can monitor, predict and even manipulate our buying actions which is what allows stores to quickly adapt products to suit. Bet there will be plenty of BBQs in the stores today!

Have a read of this summary to find out more about the programme and if you get the chance make sure you have a watch online as it is definitely worth a watch.

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