Friday 2 December 2011

reflexblue Proud Partners with Aurasma

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were wowed by QR codes and the possibilities they held for interactive advertising. By allowing customers to learn more about a brand by simply scanning these codes, businesses began to link their websites, promotions and new products to their prints ads.

Just as people were beginning to get their heads around this concept, QR codes - according to Gabriel Beltrone at Adweek - “are being threatened with obsolescence by a gang of ambitious new startups” and Aurasma is the ringleader.

While the buzz about augmented reality has been building for a while, Aurasma is the first app that’s really done the job properly. Described as a visual browser that integrates the physical and virtual world, Aurasma is capable of delivering a 3D brand experience which has been likened to elements typical of Sci-fi films (and the newspapers in Harry Potter!).

We’re more than a little chuffed about being the first design agency in Scotland to feature this ground-breaking technology in one of our latest campaigns. The Aurasma “A” symbol was first rolled out on a Taylor Wimpey advert that featured in the ESPC and we’re looking forward to gauging consumer interaction. In the mean time, you could always scan our logo below and see what happens.

The Aurasma app is free to download and runs on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and more powerful Android devices. Once you’ve got the app, just hover your phone or iPad over any advert/poster/business card that has the Aurasma symbol and the technology will do the rest. To find out more about Aurasma, contact Ricki Neill at reflexblue on 0141 2222 111 or email

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