Wednesday 10 June 2009

Resounding History of our Creative Base

Our creative home for the past 5 years 'The Studio', 5 Newton Terrace Lane has long been involved with the creative industries. In fact at one time it was a recording studio playing host to Glasgow's folk music scene. We've just refreshed the studio with some new graphics paying tribute to the buildings musical production history.

We've managed to track back to about 1990 when it was owned by a company called Big star in a wee picture. The company was owned by Don Coutts & sportscene presenter Stuart Cosgrove. Big star in a wee picture were at the time one of the biggest film & TV production companies in Glasgow. During their time in the Studio they produced music videos for Deacon Blue, with hits like Twist & Shout, Your Swaying Arms, I'll Never Fall In Love Again. They also produced many different TV shows, one of which starred Norman Wisdom "Without Walls: The Obituary Show - Norman Wisdom."

In 1992 the band Capercaillie rented the building and transformed it into a recording studio. Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing Celtic music to the world stage. The singer of the band Karen Matheson was once described by Sean Connery as having "a throat that is surely touched by God".  The band has now sold over one million albums worldwide. Vertical Records was founded in 1999 by Capercaillie's Donald Shaw and based itself here until 2002. We've found out there were quite a few recording artists using the studio but we're still on the hunt for information.

The rooms of The Studio are now awash with rumours of legends recording here! If anyone's got any info, please let us know.

eMarketing Success
By Craig Butler
Published on Thursday 23 July 2009

We've recently dipped our toes into eMarketing and over the past two or three months we've found our feet and we're sending out quite a few for eBlasts for Taylor Wimpey East and West Scotland.

All the campaigns that we've sent out so far have been resounding successes with high open rates which is helping to increase traffic and secure sales.

As well as email campaigns we've also introduced an interactive ebook service for our clients. Click here to view a sample Cyberbook.

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