Sunday 17 May 2009

Lent Challenge Debate

So Easter has now come to an end and the great Lent challenge has now finished, but who lost I hear you ask???? Well that is up to you for there is now an interesting debate as to what constitues a biscuit! 2 members of reflexblue who had given up biscuits for Lent indulged in some oatcake eating action consisting of a couple of packets believing that an oatcake was not actually a biscuit, the matter has been a hot topic ever since and as it can not be settled we are putting it to the public vote!! So please comment on whether you think it is or is not a biscuit before Friday 24th April 1500 hours so the marigolds can be passed to the righful owners!

Here are 2 pieces of evidence for and against!

Evidence A) From the Dictionary

a cake, usually thin and brittle, made of oatmeal.

Evidence B) From Harry Gow makers of the oatcakes in question

Thanks for your enquiry, oatcakes are biscuits. Usually eaten with cheese, pate, houmous or eaten with soup or stovies.  It is really a savoury biscuit rather than a sweet one and are very popular indeed

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