Thursday 12 February 2009

Earl Of Mar Estate Brochure

Shhhh... keep this quiet but even in the ‘worst depression for a hundred years’ there are still good news stories out there. We have just completed a commission from G1 Homes to design a ‘coffee table’ brochure for an ultra exclusive development of villas in the grounds of the Mar Hall on the banks of the Clyde at Erskine.

The project has been a resounding success; only two homes remain unsold out of the twenty available. Whilst we’d like to take the credit for the success of the project even we realised that we’d be stretching artistic license to breaking point considering our brochure was only completed last week. Nonetheless it is not often that we get the chance to design and produce a brochure that has to reflect a million pounds product; thankfully our work has delighted our client and the prospective new owners now have something rather special to show their friends and neighbours.

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